Grow from seed to harvest under one light


LED-ONE Cannabis Indoor Grow Light

Achieve higher yields and never-before-seen results using LED-ONE

Green Amber’s LED-ONE is a fully automated LED light source that revolutionizes the way we cultivate plants indoors and in greenhouses.

You can customize your light power and spectrum for optimal light quality, giving you increased yield and a superior plant. Not only that, but with its automation capabilities, significant electrical and HVAC savings are guaranteed.

So why wait? Get yourself an LED-ONE Indoor Grow Light today!


The Benefits of Growing with LED-ONE

LED Lights equal higher yields, better product, and operational cost savings

Realize up to 40% savings on lighting electrical bills

Save additional $$ in HVAC costs

Plug-and-Play design

Higher yields, better quality

Our research has shown that not only is light intensity and duration a huge factor in the quality of the cannabis plants but the light spectrum also plays an important role. Scalable from home hobbyist to the large industrial cultivation facility, LED-ONE introduces precise control automation, customizing the quality of light to unlock your plant’s genetic potential. LED-ONE delivers a high degree of quality and controllability of these features.

LED-ONE can be used to cultivate plants in any indoor horticultural or greenhouse environment. If you’ve never grown or designed a cannabis grow space, let our master growers help you achieve your goals. A purchase of LED-ONE grants unlimited access to our support team of cannabis experts.

How much can you save? Depending on your size space and cultivation needs you can save up to 75% on cultivation costs.

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Why Grow with the Green Amber LED-ONE

Features that set our lights apart

Grow from seed to harvest under one light

No need for separate grow rooms

Adjustable intensity, spectrum, and duration

Automation: set program and walk away

Program up to 150 lights with one Controller

Quality components and design

Passive cooling

3 programmable colour spectrums

Custom light voltages and features available

Samsung 301B LED diodes

Rebate eligible technology

North American Warranty and Support


Incentives & Rebates

Learn if you are eligible for local rebates

Across North America, governments and utilities are offering generous LED incentives and rebates to growers who make the switch to LED lights. Rebates of up to 75% off the purchase price are available.

Incentives and rebates are available to growers who make the switch, and the benefits are more than simply financial. LEDs improve crop quantity and quality while reducing the energy needs of growers who make the switch.

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  • Rebates and Tax Incentives (varies by region)
  • Some regions can get 50-75% off the purchase price of the lights in rebates!
  • Reduce carbon footprint, save energy

“LED grow lights are more efficient than traditional lighting systems, consuming up to 55% less energy to give the same level of light”

Ontario IESOOntario Independent Electricity System Operator


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Specifications & Features

Take a look under the hood

1.1m (44") x 1.1m (44") x 0.08m (3.3")
17kg (35lbs)
Coverage area
2.5 square meters (25-30 square feet)
Illumination angle
120 degrees
Operating temperature
-20°C to 40 °C
2050 µmols/s
2.8 µmol / J Watt
Samsung 301b LED diodes
Operation frequency
50/60 Hz
Input current
110-277 VAC (customizable voltages are available)
3765 K *(full channel operating but spectrum is customizable)
Power rating
720 watts, 3.3 amps @ 220 VAC *(full channel operation, customizable voltages available)
110,000 lx
Light Spectrums
White / Yellow, Blue, Red
RoHS, UL, DLC Hort, IP65
5 years
PPFD 12 chart
PPFD 20 chart

Full Spectrum

White / Yellow Spectrum

Light Fixture Structure

Driver Box Structure

Bar Light Structure

LED Light Bars and Driver


Controller Remote

Controller Adaptor Plug

Adjustable Hanging Ratchet Cords

Controller Cord

AC Power Cord

Temperature Sensor



DLC Hort

LED Light Bars and Driver


Where to Purchase

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