Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp licensees are regulated through Health Canada and almost all hemp is grown outdoors in fields across the country. 

Green Amber Canada possesses such a licence, allowing it to cultivate and sell hemp. Our production in the fields of the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, is done in an environmentally sustainable manner with little use of pesticides, reducing pollution.  As an added benefit, hemp plants are great for phytoremediation and also enhance soil composition by replenishing natural nutrients.  

We are committed to working with farmers across the country to support hemp production. Using the best cultivars available in the Canadian market, we have found new ways to cultivate the plants, unlocking their genetic potential to produce higher yields and cannabinoid profiles.

Based on the amazing results we have had in cultivation, we are currently working towards developing new hemp cultivars with even higher yields and cannabinoid content.

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long narrow hemp flower in the middle of hemp field


Hemp Cultivation

Get in on the action and partner with Green Amber to cultivate hemp:

  • Are you a farmer looking to cultivate?
  • Want to develop new and interesting products?
  • Need support with ancillary services to help you cultivate hemp?
  • Do you need help with machinery or equipment?
  • Do you need help with laboratory and genetic services?
  • Are you looking for education and training?


Explore the sections below to learn more.

hemp grain products including bread, oil, seeds and flour


Products derived from the hemp plant

CBD is just a small fraction of the viable components of the plant –the grain, flower, fibre and bast of the plant can be made into a multitude of profitable products with a wide range of uses.

Products that are derived from the hemp plant include:

  • Cereals, grains and flours, proteins, butter, drinks, milk
  • Tinctures, creams, capsules, candles, soaps, lip balms, oils
  • Paper and packaging materials
  • Concrete or blocks, insulation, walls and flooring
  • Composite materials similar to fibreglass and plastics
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Textiles for clothing, bags, sheets, ropes, mats, hats
  • Pet supplies, supplements and toys
blue gloved hand holds oil vile in front of hemp plant


Hemp benefits: CBD, and other cannabinoids

Unlike THC, CBD is generally non-psychoactive and is often used in medicines and natural health products.  These products are tailored for pain relief or as relaxants, and for the reduction of symptoms for several pre-diagnosed conditions. 

There are also many other uses of similar chained cannabinoids that are currently being researched such as CBN, CBG, and CBGA. As new data is derived from studies and trials, we can begin to focus on the production and isolation of these compounds.

Do you have a research project or product you want to develop? We have research and testing facilities that can assist.

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