Elite Cannabis Genetics and Cultivars

When it comes to cannabis production, cannabis genetics, commonly known as cultivars, are the single most important factor in your cultivation process.

Strong genetics yield higher cannabinoid content, are disease and pest resilient, offer the best combination of aromas, flavours, colours and, most importantly, are stable.

Artisan breeders take pride not only in cannabinoid yield, but also in the orchestration of flavonoids and terpenes for a cannabis taste experience that is unique and innovative. This craftsmanship applies equally to recreational flower connoisseurs and to the medical field, where advances in symptom relief are discovered through the entourage effect of the compounds found in cannabis.

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Seeds, Clones, Mother Plants and Pollen

If you produce the top 1% of premium flower you have the ability to create a vast range of high-quality cannabis products that are always in demand.

Breeding techniques paired with genetic mapping have helped Green Amber Canada facilitate the development of some of the most exclusive plant strains.   We can find viable genetics to make your own cultivation setup successful from the start.  We can help you obtain your desired form of starter material, seeds, clones, mother plants and pollen.  We also provide you with the recipe to successfully cultivate your material to bring out its fullest potential.

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Premium Cannabis Flower and Cultivar Catalogue

With established relationships with some of best breeders from across British Columbia and the rest of the country, our mission is to bring established expertise into the newly regulated cannabis industry.

Our catalogue of cultivars consists of hundreds of genetic varieties with traceable lineage. Canada’s best.

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