Equipment and design for cannabis production

We design production facilities and develop the latest in cannabis technologies, both directly and in partnership with leading tech companies.

We have built successful methods of merging data from regulatory tracking, operations systems, and production to take cannabis production to the next level.  The real power of this data lies in our technique of linking it with market statistics to create a powerful diagnostics tool to optimize your production and sales.

Inquire on how to set up or improve your facility or examine our product offerings and customizable solutions.


Agricultural LED grow light solutions

The LED-ONE customizable agricultural LED grow light was designed by Green Amber Canada for any agricultural indoor or greenhouse environment.

  • Dial in your own customizable spectrum and intensity
  • Scalable from home grower to large industrial cultivation facility
  • 5 year warranty
  • Eligible for rebate programs
  • Samsung 301b LED diodes
  • 760 Watts
  • UL, IP65, RoHS
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white environment controller sitting on l.e.d. light


Environmental sensors and data analytics

We have taken years of legacy market expertise and practise to create algorithms for managing the data in your grow environment.

Our vertical expertise is invaluable and lets you hit the ground running when starting up your operation.

We employ various data sensors in your cultivation and processing environments that are in tune with the steps that ensure yield, potency and desirability in flower and products.

Turnkey or customizable options leave you in charge of the management and flexibility of your operations.

Reduce costs, collect data and improve efficiencies.

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hand drawing design with ruler and pencil


Cannabis business and design support

Our team has access to a broad range of subject matter experts in the cannabis industry.

If you are new to the industry we have the support you need. We can build a business case based on current market analysis that will give you realistic and achievable expectations and outcomes.

  • We can help design your operation and plan your business
  • Good management practices certification and validation
  • Need equipment, there are plenty solutions we can find for you
  • Are there credit rebate or other incentive programs to further cannabis investment?
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