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About Us


At Green Amber Canada we truly believe that the best cannabis and the most innovative growing and processing techniques in the industry come from our great nation. Originating in Ontario and establishing operations in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, we strive to be a truly Canadian endeavour—that’s why we have Canada in our name!

The Green Amber Canada journey was founded on our commitment to changing the picture of cannabis in Canada. We did not see mass produced and standardized cannabis as meeting the specialized needs of Canadians. Instead, we believe that cannabis should be produced with the love and attention to detail that results in a nuanced and multi-faceted product with flavours and profiles that enhance the experience. From the start we have always believed the craft cannabis experience happens where art and science meet.  With that understanding, we have strived to bring together world-class growers with the newest and most advanced innovations in production and processing technologies. We always believed that to create something special you had to take some risks and create your own path.  We did that, but the journey has just begun.


Our team knows how to cultivate and work with not only the best genetics in the world but with a whole assortment of genetics. We have been establishing relationships with the best breeders from across British Columbia and the rest of the country to bring established expertise into our newly regulated industry. This has resulted in access to hundreds of genetic varieties that can be made available to the public in compliance with government regulations.

Our expertise in quality assurance, cultivation and technology has allowed us to develop production techniques that not only meet good management practices and regulatory oversight but address the significant gaps in technology. Our new technology, sensors and automation are all completely integrated, and we are on the cutting edge of cannabis tech.

Intimate knowledge and data on legacy and current trends and consumption have allowed us to devise products that will surprise and delight those who consume their cannabis in both the medical and recreational markets. We seek and look to foster relationships with other cannabis producers in order to both gain new perspectives and to share our insights with them to mutually bolster brands and lines of products.


Hemp cultivation is becoming a viable farming operation throughout the globe. The cannabinoids that are derived from the plant offer strong options for the pharmaceutical industry to provide effective and safer medicines to patients. The progress of established cultivars and production techniques across the country are seeing fields sprout up in farming communities. Green Amber Canada is committed to working with farmers across the country to support hemp production and to extract the cannabinoids from the plants. In so doing, our aim is to further the development of new and innovative products and formulations to broaden the market and the array of consumers we are able to reach.