The Green Amber Canada Story

We strive to bring together world-class growers and breeders with the newest and most advanced innovations in production and processing technologies.

We always believed that to create something special you had to take some risks and create your own path. We have done that, but our journey has just begun.

We recognize differences in developing both recreational portals and providing medical access to cannabis use. Identifying cannabinoids as medical ingredients is the key innovation that can improve the lives of many Canadians and those across the world.

wet cannabis flower with bright orange and red hairs protruding from bud


Our commitment to cannabinoids

Green Amber Canada’s journey was founded in our commitment to changing the perception of cannabis on the planet.

Along this path we paired subject matter expertise garnered through the Canadian legacy market with the dynamics of current business operations and science. We have used this knowledge and applied the latest tech and research in developing cannabis goods and services for the global industry.

We believe that cannabis should be produced with the care and attention to detail that results in a nuanced and multi-faceted product with flavors, aromas and profiles that enhance the experience with the active ingredients in cannabis: cannabinoids. From the start, we have always believed in the diversity and elegance in craft cannabis, where art and science meet.

luscious green cannabis flowers with leaves protruding from flower


Research and medical cannabis

Intimate knowledge and data from legacy markets paired with current trends and consumption allow us to devise products that surprise and delight.

Whether it be in the medical cannabis space or in the wider recreational market, we seek to foster relationships with other cannabis producers.  This allows us to gain new perspectives and to share our insights with them, mutually bolstering brands and lines of products. Our collaborations with medical professionals have culminated in our own cannabis research licences.  We also provide additional education and training for producing cannabis for medical purposes.

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