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Green Amber Canada is vertically integrated in the cannabis industry through the development of genetic cultivars and seeds, the cultivation and extraction of plants, and the design of grow operations.  We push the boundaries of the latest technology in creating innovative proprietary equipment and processes.

We excel in these overlapping elements that we excel in through practice and experience.

Take a journey and navigate through our site and see how we make it happen.

hand holding red cannabis leaf with hemp field in rear


Cannabis Legalization in Canada

Legalization changed Canada forever and made us a global leader in cannabis.

During the early days of this new market, we committed to bringing the latest and greatest cannabis information, support and products to consumers through our established network in the industry.  While we navigated through challenges and opportunities, we gained extensive experience to guide others who need the support in this new industry.

Our team knows how to cultivate and work with not only the best genetics varieties but we understand what makes a cannabis product desirable and who can benefit from it the most.

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Green Amber Canada’s Support & Services

We are a member of several cannabis-related trade organizations and we will continue to support the normalization and legalization of cannabis and the industry as a whole.

Consulting services? Cannabis site design? Looking for cultivars? Need tips for addressing crop infestations? Looking for a contractor to build? 

Look no further—we are committed to supporting our industry.  We’d love for you to buy our products but we’d love it even more if we could help you to blaze your own trail by our side.

Please contact us for more information.